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The contracts interface

Contracts are the source of income for any mercenary company across the stars and yours is no exceptions. Contracts are taken out via the command center on your dropship and offer you the ability to earn C-bills and salvage.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each contract is issued by one of the factions and completing it will give a boost to your standing with them. The more difficult the contract, the higher the rewards. Note, however, that each contract's terms have to be negotiated, determining your payment, salvage, and (unless dealing with independent forces) reputation gain.

  • The payment for a contract is based on the difficulty of the mission and your reputation with the employer. Some contracts have additional objectives that can be completed during the mission for additional pay.
  • Salvage is represented by two values (X/Y) the first, priority salvage, is the number of items you may choose from all the available loot on the battlefield. The second value is the total number of items you'll receive, with the remainder chosen at random. Be aware that if you destroy enemy 'Mech chassis and equipment, those destroyed items will not be available as salvage.
  • Reputation is a little different: By reducing both your payment and your salvage, you earn good will with your employer in the form of increased reputation. You can check your reputation with any major faction in the Rimward Periphery from the console in your Captain's Quarters. Higher reputation will make more difficult and lucrative missions available, as well as lower prices for goods in systems controlled by that faction.

Contract types[edit | edit source]

  • Ambush Convoy: Your objective is to engage and defeat a convoy of units before it can reach an escape region. The convoy will be defended by military units, and it will try to flee if engaged. Defeating any defending units is not required to complete the contract.
  • Assassinate: Your objective is to destroy a specific target. Defeating any other enemy units is not required to complete the contract; a possible strategy is to use fast-moving sniper 'Mechs to strike the target and escape.
  • Attack and Defend: Your objective is to take control of a nearby enemy facility, while at the same time defending your employer's facility from enemy forces. You will have to split your lance to complete both objectives simultaneously.
  • Battle: Your objective is to engage and defeat a lance of enemy units. This is a stand-up fight, so frontline combat units are recommended.
  • Capture Base: Your objective is to enter a target facility, clear out any enemy presence, and occupy the facility for a number of rounds. The base may have long-range fixed defenses in the form of turrets, and there may be additional enemy units that will attempt to retake the base. Armor and sufficient ammunition are recommended.
  • Defend Base: Your objective is to hold a facility against enemy attack and prevent the destruction of specified buildings for a number of rounds. Armor and sufficient ammunition for a long holdout engagement are more valuable here than speed and mobility.
  • Destroy Base: Your objective is to destroy all the marked buildings in the target facility. Defeating any defending units is not required to complete the contract. The facility may have long-range fixed defenses, so 'Mechs that can withstand sustained fire, or fire back from long range, are suggested.
  • Escort: Your objective is to reach a rendezvous point, then protect a convoy of units as it moves to an exit region. The convoy will move quickly and could outpace slower 'Mechs. It will likely be attacked by enemy units on the way to its extraction point. Defeating any attacking units is not required to complete the contract.
  • Recovery: Your objective is to reach a specified region, pick up the recovery target, and then move to an escape region. The unit that picks up the recovery target will be attacked by enemy forces, and thus should be able to withstand some punishment. Moving quickly to the escape region is critical, whereas defeating any defending units is not required to complete the contract.
  • Target Acquisition: Your objective is to deploy beacons to target a facility. Triangulating the Facility will allow friendly faction forces to make their move. Facilities may have advanced Anti Aircraft Defenses, as well as ground forces. This mission is Time Boxed. So bring Fast 'Mechs and move quickly.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Successfully completing the primary objectives of a mission yields the agreed-upon payment and salvage, plus any bonuses from secondary objectives, as well as an improved rating score with the Mercenary Review Board.
  • If you retreat or fail and you do not complete at least one mission objective and defeat at least one enemy unit, the attempt is considered to be in bad faith. You will not be paid, and you will lose reputation with the employer's faction as well as with the Mercenary Review Board.
  • Mercenary contracts offer partial payment for good faith attempts, even if the overall contract is a failure. For your effort to qualify as a good faith attempt, you must complete at least one mission objective and defeat at least one enemy unit.