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So it looks like this data is out of date. Current equipment seems to have swapped the tonnage and slot values, oddly. For example, the basic +5 damage "Coventry X55" json file has the following:

   "BonusValueA" : "+ 5 Melee Dmg.",
   "BonusValueB" : "",
   "ComponentType" : "Upgrade",
   "ComponentSubType" : "NotSet",
   "PrefabIdentifier" : "",
   "BattleValue" : 0,
   "InventorySize" : 2,
   "Tonnage" : 1,

Inventory Size is obviously the slots, and tonnage is what it says. On the site you have 2T, 1Slot. Going through the list to correct it. -- 04:30, 28 March 2019 (UTC)